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Larry Schoenborn - 05-15-2014
The Rockford West 64 Facebook site said there was a list of 100 missing classmates.  I can't find it.
Charlie Ellis - 03-26-2014
See y'all in a few months
Charlie Ellis - 03-26-2014
Can't wait to see all of you again. Most of you probably don't remember me, but I'll be there.
Steve. Simpson - 02-10-2014
'We are the Warriors...The Mighty, Mighty Warriors!'
Ben Guasto - 01-22-2014
Interesting in 2014 event!
Chuck Calleia - 09-30-2013
Page is looking good.  Who's that good looking guy standing nerxt to Mr Dennis? LOL
Delores (Hobbs) Medearis - 04-01-2013
Can't wait for our 50th reunion next year.  I hope we can do something really over the top.  I am on the committee and I know we will do just that.  I am already excited.  SEE EVERYONE THERE !!!!!!!!!!!.
Larry Schoenborn - 01-13-2012
Kudos to the committe for a great website.
keith calvert....1964 - 08-03-2011
Retired living in Upland, California I look forward to finally making it to my first class reunion hopefully the next one in 2014.  
It really is a fun and happy life here in California just as was in good ole Rockford.
But I do just love it here in California especially during the  cold of a DEEP WINTER in the Rockford area.
It will be good to see who is still here, happy and  healthy and to see what each of us now look like  50 years later.  
Hopefully we are all still happy and healthy with good attitudes toward each other as it was in good ole West High School in Rockford.
God Bless you all.
Keith and Nelly Calvert
Bill Daley - 12-06-2009
Great pictures.  Sorry I couldn't attend the 45th Reunion.  Hope to attend the 50th and get a chance to see all of you again.
John McCoy - 08-22-2009
This is going to be one fine party. Kind of like a masquerade party. Thanks to all the hard work by you know who.

If the next 45 years go by as fast, we will soon be celebrating our 90 year class reunion. Hope we all can make it. Please email ur fav pictures to our website, so it won't be so scary.

John Henry McCoy - 08-05-2009
Can't wait.
Five years is a long time to wait for such great memories to get real again.
Looking forward to the 'band', has anyone heard them?
Thanks to all com. members for the extra effort to make us the best reunion.
Lots of names on respondees. Looks like this may be one of our best times.
Email me with pithy comments. Want everything, including jalepinos?
Love, you all
Donna Yost Klotz - 01-29-2009
Looking forward to our reunion. If you need help, let me know.
Grace Sparacino Hanley - 01-22-2009
I think this is great
s albert edwards - 01-19-2009
Checking in on this website as requested by the postcard mailed to my address.  All my contact info is correct.  C U on Oct 2 '09; I plan now to attend the reunion.  Al Edwards

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