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01-05-2014 - Minutes of Last Committee Meeting October 2013

50th Reunion Committee Minutes – October 22, 2013


Meeting was held at the Verdi Club. Those in attendance were: Carl Ambruoso, Sharon Kay Abels, Tony Graceffa, Sam Mattis, Cira Lynn Nichols, Diane Kleckner, Maggie Kempel, Mike Juliano, Ann Juliano, Grace Hanley, Nadia Johnson


Chip Evans is overseeing our Facebook page. We were encouraged to sign up.


Maggie is compiling addresses and handed out the remaining four sheets for address verification.


Discussed donations for the raffle. Sam and Mike will sell tickets for the 50/50 raffle both nights. It was decided that we will do a silent auction. Sharon Kay and Kathy Beishir will head up the silent auction. Committee members are encouraged to begin thinking about getting auction items.


Maggie will make the arrangements to tour West….there will not be a charge for the tour.


We will request that Steve put a posting on our website as to whether or not there is any interest for a golf outing, tour of West, and a tour of the Coronado.


It was decided that we will not have any entertainment on Friday night. Sharon Kay made a motion that we just have a DJ…motion passed.


Delores suggested that the committee members wear red and black on Friday night.


Several reunion themes were discussed and the committee voted to accept the theme, RED AND BLACK – LOOKING BACK


A mock postcard was passed around. Maggie will work on the postcard and put a picture of West and Chief Wahoo on it.


Cira Lynn will call Minuteman regarding having the postcards printed….will get a price for 250 and 300. Will check as to what form they will need and will let Maggie know.


Committee discussed ideas for gifts that we would give to attending classmates. The ideas included: Warrior button, small bottle of campaign, check book covers, mug, key ring, CD containing different songs than we used at last reunion. We will continue to discuss gift ideas.


Discussed having our commencement program printed to give to classmates.


Sharon Kay will check on prices for nostalgic candy.


Decoration committee will include Carl, Nadia and Tony (and anyone else who would like to be included!)


It was suggested that we ask Steve to do something on the website to allow classmates to send their prom pictures.


Regarding Ads, it was suggested that a simple statement be included in the letter stating that ads can be purchased for the directory.


Cira Lynn shared that we paid $589 for the directory last time.


Our goal for sending the first letter will be March.


The postcards will be sent in January.


Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15 at 6:30 at the Verdi Club,782 N. Madison.  Bring a treat.


Respectfully submitted,


Nadia Johnson

10-08-2013 - September Committee Minutes

50th Reunion Committee Minutes – September 17, 2013


The committee met at the Verdi Club.

Present:  Sharon Kay Abels, Carl Ambruoso, Kathy Beishir, Tony Graceffa, Grace Hanley, Nadia Johnson,  Ann Juliano, Mike Juliano, Maggie Kempel, Angie Leiva, Sam Mattis, Delores Medearis, Cira Lynn Nichols

Absent: Steve Frew, Diane Hedberg, Nicki  Jones, Diane Kleckner, Donna Klotz, Mary Richards

Cira Lynn reported  she paid $179 for the website and $100 to the Friends of West.

Sharon reported that Karen Snyder sent a list of things she will be putting together in a wagon for the raffle along with her autographed book.

Chip Evans has taken over the Facebook page – please check it out.

Sharon Kay will put a request on Facebook for classmates to donate things to be raffled at the reunion.

Discussed postcard designs – Maggie will put together a postcard using pictures of Chief Wahoo and the school – will send it to Cira Lynn.

Cira Lynn passed around the confirmation she received from the class of ’63 reunion and their timeline for their reunion weekend.

Cira Lynn reported she paid a deposit of $200 to Giovanni’s.

Sam shared information he had received regarding DJs and photo booths.


·        J.D. Mason - $120/hr, 7-10pm

·        Jordan/Jason Chance - $100/hr, 7-10pm

·        Ryan D. Nelson - $600 for 3 hours

Photo Booths and DJs

·        Sound Productions – Ryan Nelson (877-855-2400): For DJ and Booth - $1095.

·        Photo Booths Rockford – Bruce Solko (815-742-1941) – we can call him during committee meeting if we have questions.  Cost for 2 hrs. is $600, 3 hrs. is $750, 4 hrs. is $850; deposit of $200. Booth holds 10-12 people. Group price is $100.

·        Spot Light Photo Booth – Barry Tope (815-505-7656): will take call during our meeting to answer questions. Cost of booth for 3 hrs. is $499. Cost of DJ is $450. Need $400 deposit. Will do booth and DJ for $950 for 3 hrs.


Cira Lynn reported she sent a check to the band.

Committee discussed ideas for gifts to give to classmates who attend the reunion. Carl will check with a friend who does pottery.

Committee set up the following timeline for mailings:

·        First postcard – January 14

·        First long-form mailing (will include all reunion information) -  April 15 or 22

·        Second long-form mailing – June 17

Discussed having a golf outing – will need someone to organize it.

Committee decided we would not have entertainment on Saturday night – will have dinner music instead.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:30 at Carl’s, 1646 5th Ave., Apt 1, 815-218-4583.

Carl will provide the main dish, please bring a side dish.


Respectfully submitted,

Nadia Johnson

09-03-2013 - Reunion Committee Minutes For August
The committee met at Nadia Johnson’s home. In attendance were:

Cira Lynn Nichols, Kathy Guzzardo, Maggie Kemple, Sharon Kay Abels, Tony Graceffa

( and Sue), Diane Kleckner, Grace Hanley, Mike Juliano, Delores Medearis, Angie Leiva,

Diane Hedberg, Nadia Johnson

Absent:  Carl Ambruoso, Steve Frew, Nicki Jones, Ann Juliano, Donna Klotz, Sam Mattis,

Mary Richards

Mike reported that he contacted the Classics and has a contract with them to perform on

Saturday, Sept. 20 from 8:30 to midnight. Their fee is $1,200.

Diane Kleckner reported that the University Club does not rent it out on Friday nights.

We discussed contacting the Verdi and Venetian Clubs for Friday night as well.

Kathy Guzzardo contacted the Nicholas Conservatory and learned that their cost is


Diane Hedberg contacted Maun-Nau-Tee-See . Their rate is $250 for the room, $1,000

deposit, and we need to spend $3,500 for dinner.  She also called the Brew Haus and

shared the cost was very expensive.

A vote was taken and the committee voted to reserve both nights at Giovanni’s.

Maggie will reserve the memory room at West for the tour.

Discussed having classmates send candid pictures taken during junior high and high


The idea of giving classmates a magnifying glass was discussed.

Tony offered to get information regarding someone who does karaoke and will get some


Kathy Guzzardo contacted a comedian and learned the cost was prohibitive.  We discussed

having classmates send in personal humorous experiences from high school and we will

work on getting someone from our class to put something together.

We also discussed having our committee members begin writing down their own


Grace called about photo booths and learned they were very expensive to rent.  Cira Lynn

will check with someone she knows about renting a photo booth.  Kathy will check with

someone from the Auburn class of ’62 about a photo booth.

Our Facebook page is up and running. Steve sent an email with the link – check it out.

Chip Evans made a suggestion that we ask people who have been in the military to notify


Discussed mailings to classmates regarding the reunion. It was suggested we send

postcards with a save-the-date announcement. Sharon Kay will check on using VistaPrint.

Maggie said we will need about 200 postcards.


THE VERDI CLUB AT 782 N. MADISON AT 6:30.  If you get lost, the number at

the club is 815-968-8119.  Bring a treat!

Respectfully submitted,

Nadia Johnson

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